Certified Physician Life Care Planner (CPLCP)™ Certification

Certified Physician Life Care Planner (CPLCP)™ Certification formally recognizes life care planners who meet the highest level of professional capacity to engage in the discipline of life care planning, who have met rigorous professional standards, and who have demonstrated proficiency in the theoretical knowledge and practical application of advanced, medically-based, life care planning methodologies, standards, and practices.

CPLCP™ Certification benefits life care planning subjects, consumers, and the general public by providing a definitive measure of professional capacity, education, training and skill against which to qualify practitioners within the field of life care planning.

CPLCP™ Examination

The CPLCP™ Certification Board endorses voluntary certification by examination for physician life care planners. Life care planners who meet eligibility requirements are eligible to sit for the CPLCP™ Examination.

The following criteria shall apply to CPLCP™ Certification Examination Applications for the October/November 2024 testing period and beyond:

  1. An Applicant must be a licensed physician (MD or DO), and his/her medical license must be active.
  2. An Applicant must have at least 10 years of clinical practice experience from the date upon which they completed residency in their relevant medical specialty.
  3. An Applicant must possess and have maintained, for a period of no less than 10 years, Board Certification in at least one of the twenty-four medical specialties recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.
  4. An Applicant must possess an active CLCP™ Certification, as administered by the International Commission on Healthcare Certification (ICHCC).
  5. An Applicant must have, as a retained professional, authored at least 25 life care plans.
  6. An Applicant must have provided sworn testimony, in the role of a designated expert in the field of life care planning, a minimum of 20 times.
  7. An Applicant must be free of any sanction from any professional association(s) for breaches of ethics or professional standards.

The CPLCP™ Certification Program is administrated by the CPLCP™ Certification Board. The CPLCP™ Certification Examination is administered for the CPLCP™ Certification Board by Professional Testing Corporation.

Additional Information

For additional Information and details regarding PLCP™ Certification and the CPLCP™ Certification Examination, please click here.