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The CPLCP™ Certification Board provides CPLCP™ verification. Certification statuses on this website are updated monthly.

CPLCP™ certification requires a CPLCP™ certification holder to maintain an active medical license, active certification as a Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP), and board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation throughout the duration of their CPLCP™ certification period.

Parties who wish to verify the status of a CPLCP™ certification holder’s medical license should do so via applicable states’ medical licensing boards. Parties who wish to verify a CPLCP™ certification holder’s CLCP certification status can do so via the International Commission on Health Care Certification website (CLCP Listings - United States and Canada). Parties who wish to verify a CPLCP™ Certification holder’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Certification status can do so via the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation website (ABPMR Certified Physician Search).

For additional information or assistance with CPLCP™ verification, please contact