Candidates who pass the CPLCP™ Examination and CPLCP™ Certification Board Review are eligible to use the designation CPLCP™ after their names and will receive certificates from the CPLCP™ Certification Board. A registry of Certified Physician Life Care Planners will be maintained by the CPLCP™ Certification Board and may be reported in its publications.

Certification for Physician Life Care Planners is recognized for a period of five (5) years, at which time the candidate must either: 1) retake and pass the most current CPLCP™ Certification Examination and successfully complete CPLCP™ Certification Board Review, or 2) meet such alternative requirements in effect at that time in order to retain certification.

Candidates for recertification who do not elect to retake the CPLCP™ Certification Examination and submit to a CPLCP™ Certification Board Review are eligible for recertification with proof of sixty (60) continuing education units, fifteen (15) of which can be CME credits of Physiatric coursework applicable to physician life care planning.

Application for recertification, along with appropriate documentation supporting the completion of the CPLCP™ Certification Board Recertification Criteria shall be submitted as follows:

  1. A completed application and fees for recertification must be received one month prior to the expiry of a Candidate’s certification (December 1 if expiry is January; March 1 if expiry is April).
  2. Continuing Education credits must be verified with a Certificate of Course Completion that includes verification of the course hours. The certificate of course completion should also include the name of the course provider, course title, provider number, date, and course location.
  3. Candidates must maintain active medical licenses without restrictions, as well as Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP®) Certification through ICHCC, and Board Certification by ABPMR throughout the prior 5 year certification period.
  4. If the Recertification Application is delinquent but received within 30 days of its expiration there is a late fee of $200.00. The late fee is added to the recertification fee of $195.00 (AAPLCP Members) / $295 (Non-AAPLCP™ members).
  5. If the recertification application is delinquent and received beyond 30 days of expiration, the candidate is no longer able to use the designation of CPLCP™ and must submit to retesting at the full testing fee of $325.00 for members, and $475.00 non-members.
  6. The candidate is responsible for maintaining evidence of Certificates of Attendance and/or Course Completion, and all continuing education units, points, or credits for five (5) years from date of their certification.

Continuing Education

The CPLCP™ Certification Board credits renewal system is designed to encourage professional development. It enables the CPLCP™ certification holder to select from a variety of educational activities that meet personal and professional needs when recertifying. A total of 60 credits are needed every five years to qualify for renewal. Candidates must provide documentation of required Life Care Planning and/or CME credits, and they must fill out the forms completely with all the information requested.

Credit hours for recertification can be earned through:

  1. Continuing Education Hours: One hour (60 minutes) of approved life care planning education, or medical education applicable to life care planning = 1 credit hour. Examples of courses that would be approved: 1) Physiatric education regarding spinal cord injury, traumatic or acquired brain injury, amputations, burns, orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, etc., 2) life care planning education approved/accepted by ICHCC, etc. Course outlines should be submitted to the CPLCP™ Certification Board for review/approval of points of credit hours 90 days prior to the application for renewal.
  2. Presentations: 5 points of credit for each presentation, for which national or state approved continuing education has been granted to participants, for a maximum of 10 points per five year renewal period. Presentation outlines should be submitted to the CPLCP™ Certification Board for review/approval of points of credit hours 90 days prior to the application for renewal.
  3. Research and Publication: Publications or research related to a life care planning articles, or clinical articles applicable to the practice of life care planning, should be submitted to the CPLCP™ Certification Board for review/approval of points of credit 90 days prior to the application for renewal. 5 points for each publication/ research project will be awarded, with a maximum of 10 credits per 5 year period.
  4. Item Writing / Test Questions: 1 point of credit for every 5 questions submitted that are supported by evidence-based medical references for a maximum of 10 points of credit per five year renewal period. Questions with reference supported answers should be submitted directly to the CPLCP™ Certification Board, which will, at its sole discretion, accept/reject questions for credits.
  5. AAPLCP™ or CPLCP™ Certification Board board membership or committee participation: 5 points of credit per year with documented or verified annual participation will be awarded. Participation is defined as 85% attendance/participation on the applicable boards/committees. The maximum points of credit that can be earned are 20 points in a five year period.